Benefits & Salary

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For the most recent 2022-2023 academic year, the PGY salaries are as follows: 

PGY 1 - $64,038.96

PGY 2 - $66,294.00

PGY 3 - $69,676.56

PGY 4 - $72,495.36

Vacation and Meeting Allowance 

  • PGY 2, 3, and 4 residents receive 20 days of paid vacation
  • PGY 4 residents additionally are supported to attend 1 conference/board review course
  • All residents are supported to attend conferences for which they are participants (poster accepted)

Education Allowance

The Department of Anesthesiology has a conference/book stipend available on a yearly basis.

PGY 2 residents are furnished with a iPad device for educational use as well as case reporting. The Himmelfarb library has constructed a Web site for our Department that offers numerous resources, including full-text access to 100s of Journals and over 40 major anesthesiology texts.

In addition to the iPad that the residents receive at the start of their PGY2/CA1 year, they also have a total of $1300 book fund to use over the next 3 years (PGY2-PGY4/CA1-CA3).

Vacation & Meeting Allowance

Any weekend anesthesia meeting held in the Washington-Baltimore area will be fully reimbursed after the resident has attended the meeting.

All residents are entitled to attend a meeting, fully reimbursed by the Department, in which the resident is presenting an abstract or otherwise participating.

Society Membership
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • District of Columbia Society of Anesthesiologists
  • International Anesthesia Research Society

Along with membership, residents receive the corresponding journals from these societies.

Private Call Rooms

Residents are provided with private call rooms, each with a television, computer with high-speed internet access, and telephone.  The OR resident's room is located near the overnight attending's call room.  The OB/Pain resident's room is adjacent to the labor and delivery unit.

Meal Provisions

Evening meal tickets are provided for residents on call.

Breakfast is provided daily for residents and consists of: juices, coffee, bagels, danishes, doughnuts, oatmeal and fruit.

Lunch is likewise provided for all anesthesia residents daily. Lunch is delivered to order and options include salads, sandwiches, chips, snacks and soda.


Parking is provided free in assigned University garages and parking lots.

See the Graduate Medical Education  website for further benefits details.