PGY-1 Considerations

We will offer 7 Categorical PGY1 positions in the 2022 NRMP.
A sample rotation schedule for PGY1 residents is as follows:


Medicine Wards

Intensive Care (Medicine & Surgical)


Emergency Medicine


Acute Pain Medicine



4 months

2 months

3 months

1 month

1 month

1 month


Residents participating in the Categorical offering will begin residency training in the final week of June. They will receive 3 weeks of vacation. 

We will also offer Advanced positions in the 2022 NRMP. Those positions will begin clinical anesthesiology training (PGY2 or CA1 year) in July 2024.

Reserved (direct entry into PGY2) spots will not be offered in the 2022 NRMP but may be offered in the 2023 NRMP for a July 2024 start.